Let's Partner

At Collective Futures we seek out partnerships, because we believe more can be achieved working together with those who are the best in their respective fields.

For High Schools and Universities, 

Collective Futures can help you meet your goals by:

  1. Raising academic standards through a varied and competitive pool of students.
  2. Improving retention rates by providing necessary resources for student success. 

  3. Creating opportunity for a diverse student body regardless of socio-economic background. 

  4. Applying our model to make your scholarship funds more efficient.

Our experience working with academic institutions, as well as students from various cultures and backgrounds can help you maximize your program’s potential.

For Businesses,

Collective Futures can complement your mission by:

  1. Connecting you with high achieving and motivated interns.
  2. Giving you access to diverse pools of potential employees at top universities. 

  3.  Providing data on the outcomes of students from specific academic programs.


Interested in partnering with Collective Futures, or hiring
Collective Futures’ Students for internships? Please contact below.

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